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   請在此建立帳戶, 詳填家庭和學生資料後, 再註冊中文課和文化課程. 今年北新全面網路註冊, 恕不接受手寫的註冊表. 還未繳費的同學, 請在星期日帶來學校繳交即可.

We will no longer accept paper registration; please register online HERE if you have not done so. You can pay the tuition by check on Sundays.



 2018-19北新中文學校行事曆.  Click to view 2018-19 NNJCACS Calendar


 2018-19年北新教職員名單在此.  Click here to view 2018-19 NNJCACS Faculty List


 北新中文學校現在開始接受2018-2019學年度註冊. 請在此建立帳戶, 詳填家庭和學生資料後, 再註冊中文課和文化課程.   2018-19 Chinese School Registration is now OPEN! Please first create an account, setup family and student information; then register for Chinese language and activity classes.